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Garnet Framework

Open Source Framework For Building Interoperable Smart Solutions

Innovate faster

Build smarter solutions and applications with Garnet Framework

Garnet Framework is an open-source framework for building scalable, reliable and interoperable platforms leveraging open standards, FIWARE open source technology and AWS Cloud services.

It supports the development of smart and efficient solutions across multiple domains such as Smart Cities, Regions and Campuses, Energy and Utilities, Agriculture, Smart Building, Automotive and Manufacturing.

Easy to deploy
Garnet Framework uses the AWS CDK to enable you to quickly and safely deploy.
Open Source and Open Standard
Garnet Framework is open-source and fully complies with the ETSI NGSI-LD open standard.
Fully Featured
Garnet Framework enables depicting and monitoring complex real-world systems and processes
Knowledge Graph
Garnet Framework makes it easier to build your Knowledge Graph enabling holistic understanding.

In case you wonder why we named it Garnet Framework.

Why Garnet Framework?

Garnets form a group of closely related minerals that have the remarkable ability to form gemstones in almost every color. We designed the Garnet Framework to make it easier and faster to integrate and develop smart and efficient solutions across multiple domains.
We equip you with the Garnet Framework so you can create your smart solutions (gemstones) faster and easier!